Responsible internationalization at the Lost in Turku After Party

Opiskelijakunta TUO jakamassa palkintoja Lost in Turku -tapahtuman jatkoilla.

The first ever Lost in Turku event was organised by the We Are! project and ICF (Innovation Café Forum) on 22.3. In the event Finnish students and exchange students competed in multicultural teams completing fun tasks while visiting different TUAS campuses. Theme of the event was “internationalize responsibly”.


The campus race ended at Sepänkatu where the Lost in Turku After Party was held. At the after party there were a Russian DJ playing good music, Green Living Movement organisation serving tasty African food and lots of different activities for the students to take part in. The Global Education student group had an art workshop where they were collecting art pieces for their coming Art Show about global issues. Students were also able to participate in a culture workshop where they could learn a few simple Arabic phrases. The winners of the campus race were also announced at the after party. The lucky team won t-shirts by the Green Living Movement and some movie tickets.

The student union TUO announcing the winners of Lost in Turku.
The student union TUO announcing the winners of Lost in Turku.


The 'Make your own buttons!' activity turned out to be very popular.
The ‘Make your own buttons!’ activity turned out to be very popular.

Everyone seemed to have fun and many new friends were found during the day!

The We Are! project aims to develop students’ international competencies and to bring the ideas and values of development cooperation and global responsibility available to students through different study modules and student events. One of the goals of the project is also to activate students to discuss and reflect on global issues, as well as to create home-internationalization opportunities for them. The Innovation Café Forum (known as ICF) is a part of the We Are! project. The idea of ICF is to organize events for students who are interested in internationalization and having nice get-togethers.