Get Global VII toi opiskelijoita yhteen kansainvälisissä merkeissä


Get Global VII, 11.11.15

The day of Get Global VII finally came. We started earlier than usual divided into groups. Some group members were working in the Sepänkatu campus, some in different areas in the city. All of us have the same task – recording videos for our final presentation and preparing the event so some even had to make grocery shopping in the big city market of Turku.

Of course, everything didn’t go without “challenges” (such as falling apple out of the windows that had to be fixed). But after we did all records, we started to focus on finishing last little detail things related to our event. During the morning, two members promoted our Get Global Event at the International day and gave away also the last few tickets to have exactly 100 participants. Members, that were responsible for cooking, spend the whole time before the event buying groceries for our foods, preparing dough for crepes, baking pizza etc. After 12 o’clock, some of the members went home to prepare properties such as table games, costumes, cooking devices (stove, pans etc.)


The main preparations of the cafeteria started slowly around 2 hours before the start of the event – we started bringing decorations to the room, preparing navigation posters etc. After that the people from Ydeas, the bubble company arrived and we had to prepare the Innopesä room for our Human Bubble activity. In the end, we managed to prepare the cafeteria and all the stands in time. People started arriving around 10 minutes before the start and were welcomed with the song “It’s a Sin” from Pet Shop Boys. It was nice to see familiar faces and also complete strangers (either students from different universities or just people that heard about the event and were interested).

All the participants started sinning with gluttony literally in international way – Spanish, Italian, French and African. For the drinks we organized the fair trade coffee group to help us serving coffee and tea. A beautiful stand was provided from the Green Living Movement and also Jussi-Pekka supported our event with an activity.


Another popular activity was staring contest where the participants had to stare at each other and the first one to laugh loses. In the same corner we had information about AIDS to bring responsibility to the sin “lust” and there we also distributed condoms that we organized from a sponsor. Wrath related activities were also very successful; people enjoyed the Human Bubble the same way as the table hockey and the Finnish shoe (rubber boot) throwing. Poker tables (greed) and photo corner (pride) were activities where people could let go and in the pictures be somebody else for one moment and have fun.


But at the same time we offered information about poverty next to the Poker tables and had fair trade costumes in our photo corner. To relax there was the lazy corner (sloth) where also board games could be found and the question forms could be filled out. In the lazy corner a poster about child labor brought a serious aspect to the sin of being lazy and got the people to think about how good they have it and how hard some children have to work in some countries.

The question forms were for the sin “greed” and were one of the activities that brought a lot of joy into the event and got Finns and international students to get to know each other. It contained a lot of funny questions about the specific country, language and some fun questions and Finns had to search an international student to fill it out and international students had to find Finns to ask those questions. It was really nice to see people chat not only about the questions from the forms, but about general topics. In the end of the event all the forms that were returned were turned into a raffle and a winner was picked who won 7 VIP Marilyn tickets and 3 festival cards.


The group games as a joker for the sin passport were a great complementation of the whole offer. A lot of the participants stayed longer even when they had finished all the activities, received a patch and got the Get Finternational stamp. All of them were having fun playing games, talking, eating and exploring all things in the event. We received already in the end of the event a lot of positive feedback and people were thanking us for organizing this event. We were really happy about that and now hope that the last big effort of the final presentation will be also a great success.