Experiences of the ICF project hatchery spring 2016

Turun AMK/ Piispanranta

Research hatchery is the new learning method applied in TUAS. Group of students form a group and work together on certain project and come up with innovative ways of dealing with challenges and completing tasks, using varied knowledge and skills they have in individuals or as a team. A hatchery believes in learning by doing concept and aims for synergic effects.

This hatchery was formed with multicultural team members coming from different parts of the globe: Finland, Russia, Uzbekistan and Nepal. We were altogether nine students working on the Innovation Café Forum project and our teachers were always mentoring us in the process. Our hatchery was named as ICF hatchery as we had to make this platform more active and visible for students. Further, this project was also linked to the We Are! Responsible Internationalization project which is working for student’s internationalization as well as participation and awareness on global issues. So our project had one main goal of bring students together in a platform focused on Finnish students and creating interactive environment which were connected to other goals of promoting internationalization and responsible globalization.

We had brainstorming sessions, meetings and discussion on our project goals and other sub-goals which could contribute to achieve the main goals.  We came up with lot of ideas which helped us to move forward on the project. Events and activities are the major methods which brings people together and create interactive atmosphere so we decided to create such an event which will bring people together but also promote the internationalization concept and on the same time generates awareness about global issues.

Get Global Event is a yearly event organized by ICF and We Are with aim of promoting their core concept of internationalization and globalization. This time we try to do something different and we name the event Get Global Goes Football. We are organizing this amazing football match with a rainforest theme for students of TUAS, where interested can play and others can enjoy by cheering and watching the game. It is a very nice opportunity for students to meet people from multicultural background (share, learn and respect which TUAS believes in).

So, Let’s Get Global by Playing Football 🙂

Written by: Sulochana Kc

The event will be held on Thursday, 21 April starting at 16.00.