Participate in creating art for a good cause


This Global Education project is a part of a We Are! -project within Turku University of Applied Sciences which aims to educate students about global issues. This Global Education project is also a part of Capstone 2015-2016 course which aims to bring solutions to various topics and problems.

We are a Capstone 2015-2016 project group “Global Education”. Our multicultural group consists of Information Technology students in the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Our team and the “We Are! Responsible Internationalization” -project are going to arrange a fantastic event – an art show about global issues! You are most welcome to create your own art and show your artistic view about the issue for everybody. The art pieces will also be open for bidding and all the profits will be donated to local reception centers. The goal of the event and this whole projects is to raise awareness about global issues. The target group is students of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The event will be held at Sepänkatu campus on 6th of April from 11 am to 13 pm. Please come – there will be prizes! This is your chance to enhance global awareness and learn something about yourself through arts. If you are interested in creating some art yourself, please contact us.

The deadline for submitting the art pieces is 31st of March.

Use this link to registrate to the event as an artist:

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Text and posters: the Global Education group