The research group works intensively on responsibility together with companies, students and other stakeholders.

We also organise a 5 credit course on CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility every summer (an online course). More information:

Responsible globalization

Globalization not only assure positive aspects but indeed invites adverse effects on society and environment. Turku University of applied Science, Resource Efficient Business research group is focused to address this crucial issue. The research projects are assisting to minimize the affects of globalization and optimize the possibility to bring the sustainable development. This group put forward the potentiality of changing waste into resources which is a greater leap towards applying the green business activities and develop eco-friendly approach to business. The nobel concept of circular economy is considered in the research process and project activities which can only be better approach to have sustainable development respecting nature and environment. The research group itself understanding the issues of globalization follows the responsible approach on all of its projects.

Challenge Turku goes Green camp

In the 24h innovation camp multidisciplinary teams are challenged to work together around the clock and create new innovative environmentally friendly solutions. Every year the camp has a different theme e.g. climate change. The language of the camp is English. The teams can also work throughout the night.

In the Challenge Turku Goes Green, students will develop personal, interpersonal and networking innovation competences needed in the future working life. The camp is worth one credit. After the camp, the student will receive a participation certificate.

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