Koulu keskellä korttelia -project

The Koulu keskellä korttelia- research project of Turku University of Applied Sciences is a part of a residential area development programme of ARA. The project is targeted to the Pansio-Perno area in the city of Turku and it aims to clarify the role of the school as well as urban farming in connection with the participation of the residents.

  • What is the role of the school in the development of the residential area and the promoting the communality? What are the means by which schools could become the joint center of the residents? Is it possible to expand the learning area?
  • Is urban farming suitable for increasing the communality of the residents in the Pansio-Perno area? How would a common, garden-like allotment garden operate as a green living room and a meeting place for the residents?

All though this is a research project, during its operating time it is aiming at concrete action in the area itself. The project will organize active activities such as clubs and courses for children and young people as well as tuition and events at the allotment garden. All residents of Pansio-Perno are warmly welcome to join in!