The Finnish society traditionally emphasizes individuality and independent living. The urbanization has contributed to impersonality and reduced the interaction among people. However, communality is needed and collective action is reflected in the way of a person to live and to be. The downside of communality is often thought to be social exclusion. In a multicultural society communality may also occur as a strengthening way of operation. Communality and participation enable an experience, where one can affect to the decisions regarding themselves and their surroundings meanwhile actively interacting with others. A good community is full of individuals who have mutual respect.

Looking for a Peer project

Looking for a Peer project supports the entrepreneurship of immigrants, speeds up the admittance to education that leads to work or occupation and promotes mutual integration by organizing opportunities for the meeting of entrepreneurs and integrating immigrants.

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Koulu keskellä korttelia project

What is the role of the school in the development of the residential area and the promoting the communality? What are the means by which schools could become the joint center of the residents? Is it possible to expand the learning area? The Koulu keskellä korttelia- research project of Turku University of Applied Sciences is a part of a residential area development programme of ARA.

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